New Music – Gustafer Yellowgold: Pancake Smackdown

Happy Fat Tuesday! What better way to celebrate then with brand spankin’ new Gustafer Yellowgold music!  On April 3rd, Morgan Taylor will release a  new DVD/CD set titled Year In The Day. In proper teasing form, Morgan Taylor is releasing the single “Pancake Smackdown” today (now available in the itunes store) in honor of Fat Tuesday. I’m hungry already.

Check out the video for “Pancake Smackdown”

For those of you with Sirius/XM Kids Place Live will be doing a “Short Stack Attack: Gustafer Yellowgold/Recess Monkey Back to Back” double feature throughout today playing “Pancake Smackdown” and Recess Monkey’s “Flapjacks.”

And since it’s Fat Tuesday, who wants more?

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